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Large Air Jack


Our Price: $54.50
Access Tools Air Jack air wedges are available in four different size/styles: Large, Small, Mini, and Twin.

The Small (Air Jack) is perfect for smaller cars.
The Mini Air Jack is the most portable Air Jack ever invented.

The large (Super Air Jack) for large sedans/SUVs.

The Twin Air Jack, the newest kid in the block, is a natural evolution from the traditional single bladder air wedge.

It creates the perfect clearance without too much stress in a single point of the door.

The Air Jacks from Access Tools are the industry's best. Unlike any other air wedge in the market, the bladder of all Access Tools Air Jacks are made out of ballistic nylon, not rubber, which is important because rubber will grab the stripping during insertion while nylon won't. To further aid insertion, there is a built in stiffener that prevents the wedge from bending when you insert it.
Category: Lock Out Tools